Friday, June 26, 2009

Life and a New Direction

Hello everybody,

I was planning on posting something more substantive than this earlier than today, but recent events in my life have made it this way. On Monday, June 22nd, my Grandmother passed away after 6 long years of battling cancer. Thankfully, I was able to spend time with her last week during her final days. Because of her passing, I essentially had to drop everything and attend to the duties a grandson has. I just wanted to briefly remind all those reading my blog to be aware of the fragility of life and to cherish it everyday. Even though everyone in the program enjoys research in some manner, research is not the only thing in life. Life is more than data, articles, hypothesizes, and conclusions. Life is also about love, friendship, and living the best life you can.

On to the real meaning of this blog, the ethics of cheating in video games. While I was busy the last two weeks and even busier the last five days, I have had time to only think of my project. Therefore, I currently do not have anything tangible to present. I would, however, like to try something using this interesting tool known as a blog. I know exactly how hard it is to come up with something to comment on about other person's blog when you have not been actively researching that topic. Hence, I propose the following question for the other U.Discover scholars or any other random person reading this blog to comment on.

"Should I switch the main focus of my U.Discover presentation, 2,000-2,500 word paper, and poster to just the ethical dimension of video games, what is cheating and how can it be ethical in video games, or both?"

It's not a question of cutting down on research, I still plan on writing about everything. I just feel the amount of information out there would be much greater than 8 to 9 pages. Instead of cutting out interesting findings on both the premise of my paper and the following question arising from that premise, I would just enhance my focus on a certain area for presentation. I will also give further definition of what this means for my project.

The main premise that I felt always needed establishment is that video games have an ethical nature to them. Most wonder how this is possible when actions in a video game take place in a virtual world, with no consequence to us. Everyone I have talked to about my research as commented on this half of my proposal. The most interesting question I have heard is whether "video games have another set of morals in them?" Cheating, instead of being the focus of analysis, becomes the conclusion. Cheating would then be a transgressive activity that not only affects the virtual world, but it also reflects on the player of the video game. And, in at least this context, video games have some moral dimension to them.

Now I realize that I will probably to everything the same as I was planning, but from my most recent discussions, I am very interested on what you, the public, have to say about my inquiry.

When you comment, I would like your answer and why you think I should switch or stay the same. Also, if there is something you don't understand about either this possible change or my topic, you are always free to ask me questions!

Hopefully, the ease of commenting on a blog will help me answer my problem, and at the same time, giving the other members of U.Discover something on which to comment.



  1. I'm so sorry your grandma passed. Life always seems to happen when you least expect it. My grandaunt also passed after a long battle with cancer several years ago and I still have the mixed feelings of thankfulness that she's not in that awful pain anymore, but also missing her counsel and caring very deeply. I'm not a big fan of death.

    Back to your project!!

    Personally, I think discussing how cheating can be ethical in video games would be more interesting to me. However, I think you should still include some discussion of the ethical dimension of video games. I don't really play video games except when my husband insists I do it on his birthday every year. I really didn't know there was any kind of ethical framework in place for playing video games! So, when I say add a little in on the ethical dimension, I guess I mean layout the basics for those of us who really have no clue about that. Then you could narrow down and focus on how cheating works in that ethical framework.

    I don't know about you, but I plan on continuing my research and expanding it somewhat beyond this summer program so it is more complete and worthy of publication, since publication was my original goal. There is no reason that you couldn't just collect your full data, write an abbreviated paper and poster session, then expand on it as time allows in the coming year, thus producing more in time for Ideafest or getting it published. Since I've had a class with you, I feel pretty confident saying that anything you end up doing is going to be interesting and well thought out. Good luck! ~Claire

  2. Thank you very much for your comment. I will definitely take what you said into consideration.

    B. F. Pons

  3. First of all Bo I understand where you are coming from. My Grandmother passed just as the research for me was starting and just like you I was trying to cope and deal with the great loss so hang in there and if you need anything do not hesitate to ask because it always helps to have someone to talk it through with. Secondly about your paper: I think you should address how cheating can be ethical in video games because it has a general life application. If one must cheat in video games, must he/she cheat in all life applications? That is my thought since I am not a huge video game player anymore but still enjoy it, I tend to get upset when people cheat at the game. It is kind of like when the banker in Monopoly takes an extra $100 when he passes go. It is not fair to the other individuals that are playing without cheating. Keep up the good work and like I said if you need anything let me know!