Sunday, June 28, 2009


I thought at the very least I should update with something today. Therefore, I present my current Outline/Table of Contents.

I. Introduction
II. Finding Ethics in Video Games
IIa. The Magic Circle
IIb. The Informal and Formal Rules of a Game
III. Cheating and Transcending the Magic Circle
IIIa. Types of Players
IIIb. Types of Cheating
IIIc. Ethically Problematic Cheating
IV. The Ethics of Cheating in Video Games
IVa. Moral Precedent and Virtue of the Player
IVb. Gaming Ethics Applied to Video Games
IVc. Balancing the Magic Circle, Cheating, and Fair Competition
V. Conclusion

Do not fret! I am planning on uploading the first part of my paper later tonight...hopefully.

B. F. Pons

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