Monday, July 6, 2009

Outline Update

Just to let everyone know, the finished detailed outline is up! I've been working all day so I think I'm going to relax for a bit. Either by tomorrow or Wednesday, I plan to have the rule section finished and if I am super-ambitious, I might be able to finish the section about refining what type of ethics are we dealing with when it comes to video games. Once this is done, I will start working on my presentation, which I have to give for the other U.Discover scholars during next week's lunch-time meeting.

Wish me luck,

B. F. Pons

1 comment:

  1. It looks like you've made quite a bit of progress in a small amount of time. Congrats! I went and looked at your outline and it looks like it will be very thorough. Were you able to finish the portion on rules? Are you including any personal opinions in the paper, or are you merely quoting sources? And finally, what is "the magic circle"? I'm not a "gamer"... I have a Wii, but I mostly use it for Rock Band and Wii Fit, so I don't know what all of your terms mean. Will you be including definitions?

    Good luck finishing your paper and I'm looking forward to your presentation.